Wk11- Classmate Interview- Heather Hopkins

Today I met Heather Hopkins, she is a lovely young woman with a great personality and even greater ambitions. Heather is a freshman from Orange, California. She attended Orange Lutheran High School before coming to Cal State Long Beach. Heather lived in the Parkside dorms last semester, but due to the several illnesses she contracted, she decided it was best for her to move out. She now lives at home in Orange with family. Heather has a thirty-year-old half-sister who has her own family household, and a sixteen-year-old brother who lives at home.

Heather is majoring in Fashion Merchandising at CSULB. She plans to use her knowledge in fashion as a Segway to other opportunities after achieving her goal of becoming a famous actress. Heather has been acting for about four years now, and she loves it! I mentioned to her that I also did a bit of background acting a few years ago. She is a client from AEF talent agency; and she plans to take next spring semester off in order to devote more of her time to acting. Besides acting, Heather enjoys hanging out with friends, and she is a sister of the Alpha Phi Sorority at CSULB. She is adventurous and enjoys the outdoors more than the outdoors; she goes biking and hiking. Some of her favorite hiking spots are Vernal Falls at Yosemite National Park, and Crystal Cove near Laguna.



Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Kaclica Chhin and Amanda Ruiz

Kaclicla Chhin is a 4th year CSULB student who is attaining her BFA with a focus in sculpture art. Amanda Ruiz is Chhin’s partner in this show entitled “Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back”. Kaclicla did all of the sculpture in the exhibit, whereas Amanda sketched all the paintings.

There is a 10 by 10 foot canvas at the entrance of the exhibit covered in plastered moldings of several people’s genitals. She told us that the models for the sculpture moldings were family and friends. I asked if it was awkward for her or them to do the moldings, she replied “No, not for me. Maybe for them at first, but they got used to it” Behind the canvas wall is a unique shaped lamp-type sculpture that is made of moldings of vaginas. It took about three weeks to complete all of the sculptures in the show, Chhin also sculpted a plaster light bulb and penis that were shown in two other galleries. Kaclicla did not want her picture taken, so I respected her privacy. Amanda’s drawings also seemed to be all sexually themed.

Amanda’s drawings seek to normalize a thing that most people are a bit reluctant to speak so openly about. When I asked both artists what their inspiration was for their sexually themed art was, they both said they sought to show the true nature of sex and talk openly about it, they both found it weird that in a society where sex is glorified in the media, people are still uncomfortable about talking openly about sex. They gradually got to their comfortable state of open sexuality after a while. Now the topic of sex really interests them.

DSC_0875 DSC_0873 DSC_0852 DSC_0850

Wk 10 – Activity – Lanscape Portrait Photos

This week I was reflecting on where to go for spring break. I flipped through some of my old photos for inspiration on where to go. I then thought of what kind of climate I was in the mood for, a snowy climate… maybe a forest for some shade… or a beach for some sun. So I got the idea to take an old picture of myself and make a silhouette of myself.

After I outlined my portrait picture, I filled in the dark inside of the silhouette with pictures of some of my favorite landscapes and climates that I had visited. After much deliberation, I decided to go to the beach at Palos Verdes Estates. While at the beach, I met a friend who brought his german shepard puppy we later went out to lunch.

2015-03-29 15.31.05

2015-03-28 17.38.19
<Mount Whitney California
2015-03-28 17.31.15
Half Dome Yosemite National Park California
2015-03-28 17.22.52
Vernal Falls Yosemite California
2015-03-28 17.19.04
SaddleBack View
2015-03-28 16.53.29
Palos VErdes Beach

Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Hannah Drake

This past week I met with a classmate named Hannah Drake. Hannah is a sophomore who came to Cal State Long Beach after graduating from Valley Christian High School. She began at CSULB as a Biology and Chemistry major, but now she is majoring in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She is still deciding whether to stick with Kinesiology, or switch to Marketing.

Hannah played Soccer in High School, but she tore her ACL so she doesn’t play anymore. Hannah’s dad is a UPS driver and her mom is a pre-school teacher down the street from CSULB. Hannah is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at CSULB. I mentioned that I was currently pledging for a fraternity at school, so we related in a way.


Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins

Michael Rollins is majoring in Fine Arts and is hoping to complete his BFA very soon. The paintings in his show “New Digs” are very inspiring. Rollins states that he does not paint from a reference, but rather he paints freely embodying the product of tension and balance. His work portrays the physical, expressive, and animalistic aspects of his personality.

Personally, I love the use of texture in his paintings. As you can see in the photo below, the layers of paint give off such a sense of depth and roughness. His work is very vibrant in color and significance. The paintings aren’t as concrete as we’d like them to be, but that’s what makes them so uncertain and great.

DSC_0828 DSC_0829 DSC_0826 DSC_0827

Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach

This week I met with Hayden Leach. He is a pretty groovy dude. I say “Groovy” because he likes to wear tie-die and psychedelic patterns, which is pretty gnarly. Hayden and I began talking and conversation began flowing very easily. Hayden is a fourth year junior majoring in American Studies. He graduated Corona Del Mar High School, where he played water polo and was on the swim team. His father taught history at CDMHS and his mother is a retired science teacher from Sierra Vista Middle School. His parents are now retired and live in Hawaii.

Originally Hayden came to CSULB to play water polo, which I also played in high school. He was a center defenseman for the school’s team for about two years during which his major was undeclared. He received multiple concussions which made him reconsider playing the sport. So Hayden made the wise decision to put his health before a sport, and he left water polo.

Hayden loves his major now because he loves the versatility of his study. He can become a history teacher, politician, geographer, etc. Hayden has been told that he’d be a good teacher, so he’s considering becoming a history teacher. He also loves the outdoors with a passion, something I can relate to, so he is also considering becoming a park ranger.


Wk 8 – Activity – Video Remix

For this week’s activity, I took an old video of me and my friends dancing to the song “Red Roses” by . For my remix, I replaced Red Roses with “No Diggity” by Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen. The resulting video is quite amusing. please excuse the extremely distracting watermark on the video, the video editing program insisted on permanently ruining my video haha. Here’s a link to my video on YouTube… http://youtu.be/xSv89mWrGts

Wk8- Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood

Distrust: to regard with doubt or suspicion.

Laura is a BFA major dealing with fiber. Laura first started off in Santa Monica College as a Psychology major, then she was encouraged by an art professor to pursue art.

Laura’s exhibit this past week was pretty gnarly. As I walked into the Merlino Gallery, I was greeted by a sign that said “enter with caution”. This of course sparked my interest. So I walk in, not knowing what to expect… and i am surprised to see that the room was lined with several golden strings that originate from the mirror at the center of the wall furthest away from the door. It gives the room a “vortex” feel and makes the mirror outlined with bullet casings the “focal point of the room”. The couch and curtains are seemingly normal, until you take a closer look and see that the cushions are stuffed with guns and the curtains have machine-gun patterns stitched on them. The walls are lined with beautifully crafted posters of the human body, which happen to look very similar to shooting practice targets.

Scattergood says she got the inspiration for this show while she was in Canada and she heard of several mass shootings in both the US and Canada. I personally think this show forces a person to look beyond the obvious and to pay close attention to little details.

2015-03-12 11.45.02 2015-03-12 11.46.26 2015-03-12 11.15.242015-03-12 11.45.24 2015-03-12 11.45.22

Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Sierra Putman

This week I met Sierra Putman. She is a lively girl with a great personality. Within 5 minutes of talking with her, I felt like she had known me for months. We joked about our most embarrassing moments and described our ideal partners. She says her life in general is awkward and clumsy, “everyday is an embarrassing moment for me”. Turns out Sierra is a Pre-Film major just like me! She wants to go into producing or directing which is great. Sierra is a sporty chick, she participated in Track & Field, Swim, and Soccer. Sierra’s ideal man is nice, sarcastic, artsy and has the looks of the “Hemsworth brothers”.DSC_0952

Wk7- Artist Interview- Clare Samani

I glanced into the printmaking exhibit in the Dutzi Gallery, but not for long until I was informed by a classmate that we had to visit the printmaking workspace classroom. So I followed a group of students into the printmaking workshop and I was amazed. I saw the different machines and equipment used to create the intricate posters in the gallery. A woman added that “Everything in the room was very expensive, so no touching”. Another young lady began to show the students how a simple etching was transformed into a embossed postcard.

DSC_0972DSC_0973DSC_0968DSC_0971   DSC_0962 DSC_0964 DSC_0966  DSC_0969

As I began to return to the Dutzi gallery, I spoke to a woman who I believed to be an artist of some of the print works. She was happy to have me interview her. I found that her name was Clare Samani and she was a transfer student from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. Clare originally majored in painting, but switched into Printmaking BFA a few years ago.

I asked where her inspiration for her artwork came from, she mentioned that her father was a “doodler” but no one else in her family really had an art background. She then asked if I meant inspiration for her artwork’s content, to which I replied “both”. She then specified that she uses the ever-present women’s issues in life to inspire her artwork. She then showed us one of her posters entitles “I know that I know nothing at all”, which depicts a small girl balancing atop a pile of seemingly unstable boulders. She explained that this poster was a lithography poster made from a sketch that she carved into stone for 8 hours, and prints for another 8 hours.DSC_0974

Someone else then asked her what her favorite type of printmaking was. She said that everyone has a different “favorite” but hers is Etching because it allows her sketch and get the exact picture she wants. She says that she plans to open up her own printmaking shop in the future, either for fabric or paper.