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WK 15- Classmate Interview- Veronica Meza

This week I met Veronica Meza. The person with the highest score in class. Of course I felt a bit intimidated upon meeting her, but once I talked to her she was just another friendly student. Veronica is from Long Beach like me! She attended Poly High in Long Beach also. Her parents are from Mexico, Dad-Nayarit and Mom-Hidalgo. She has an older sister, two older brothers, and two younger brothers. She obviously has a large family which I can relate to, being the middle of 5. I think Veronica is closer to her siblings just because they are closer in age than me and my siblings.

Veronica is a sophomore at CSULB majoring in Psychology. Her hobbies include drawing (mostly nature and people), dancing, and hanging out with friends. She enjoys all genres of music, like myself. She loves watching Netflix and chilling at home. She goes “Food Hunting” which is going out and buying ingredients to make food that she sees on food networks.


Wk 14 – Classmate interview- Anissa Torres

This week I met Anissa Torres, she is an undeclared freshman. She is considering a major possibly in kinesiology. She grew up in Long Beach and went to Wilson High School. Anissa played soccer at Wilson for four years, but no longer plays. She has an identical twin sister named crystal who also goes to Cal State Long Beach. Crystal is also undeclared.

Anissa and Crystal both work at Baskin Robbins Ice cream parlor. Anissa hates roller coasters of any kind. Anissa enjoys hanging out with friends and eating out, especially Korean bar-b-que. She plans to hang out with friends, eat out and work during the summer.

Wk 13- Classmate Interview- Adam Price

This week I met a senior named Adam Price. Adam is a graduating this semester with a degree in mechanical engineering. Adam went to Los Alamitos High School where he was on the water polo and swim team, just like I was. His main swimming event was the backstroke. Adam is a part of the Maker’s Society at school. He works with 3-D printers and laser-cutting technology. I asked him if anyone can use the laser-cutter and he said he thinks so and I should drop by the maker’s society sometime.DSC_0004

Wk 12- Classmate Interview- Magdalena Acevedo

This week I met Magdalena Acevedo. She is a freshman from Moreno Valley, California. She dorms at Beachside, her Resident Advisor is my good friend Jake Brown. She says she loves dorming, aside from some difficult roommate issues. She went to Valley View High School where she was on the swim team. I mentioned that I was also on my high school’s swim team. She was a sprinter who swam 100 and 200 meter freestyle. She is now on the Beach club water polo team where she plays with an old friend of mine Trevor Ollen. She has had difficulty treading water and throwing the ball, but she’s getting better. She isn’t usually aggressive, so she is trying to work on that especially in a sport as aggressive as water polo. She is currently undeclared, but is interested in a math-centered major; maybe math or civil engineering.DSC_1056 DSC_1059

Wk11- Classmate Interview- Heather Hopkins

Today I met Heather Hopkins, she is a lovely young woman with a great personality and even greater ambitions. Heather is a freshman from Orange, California. She attended Orange Lutheran High School before coming to Cal State Long Beach. Heather lived in the Parkside dorms last semester, but due to the several illnesses she contracted, she decided it was best for her to move out. She now lives at home in Orange with family. Heather has a thirty-year-old half-sister who has her own family household, and a sixteen-year-old brother who lives at home.

Heather is majoring in Fashion Merchandising at CSULB. She plans to use her knowledge in fashion as a Segway to other opportunities after achieving her goal of becoming a famous actress. Heather has been acting for about four years now, and she loves it! I mentioned to her that I also did a bit of background acting a few years ago. She is a client from AEF talent agency; and she plans to take next spring semester off in order to devote more of her time to acting. Besides acting, Heather enjoys hanging out with friends, and she is a sister of the Alpha Phi Sorority at CSULB. She is adventurous and enjoys the outdoors more than the outdoors; she goes biking and hiking. Some of her favorite hiking spots are Vernal Falls at Yosemite National Park, and Crystal Cove near Laguna.


Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Hannah Drake

This past week I met with a classmate named Hannah Drake. Hannah is a sophomore who came to Cal State Long Beach after graduating from Valley Christian High School. She began at CSULB as a Biology and Chemistry major, but now she is majoring in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She is still deciding whether to stick with Kinesiology, or switch to Marketing.

Hannah played Soccer in High School, but she tore her ACL so she doesn’t play anymore. Hannah’s dad is a UPS driver and her mom is a pre-school teacher down the street from CSULB. Hannah is a member of the Alpha Phi sorority at CSULB. I mentioned that I was currently pledging for a fraternity at school, so we related in a way.


Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach

This week I met with Hayden Leach. He is a pretty groovy dude. I say “Groovy” because he likes to wear tie-die and psychedelic patterns, which is pretty gnarly. Hayden and I began talking and conversation began flowing very easily. Hayden is a fourth year junior majoring in American Studies. He graduated Corona Del Mar High School, where he played water polo and was on the swim team. His father taught history at CDMHS and his mother is a retired science teacher from Sierra Vista Middle School. His parents are now retired and live in Hawaii.

Originally Hayden came to CSULB to play water polo, which I also played in high school. He was a center defenseman for the school’s team for about two years during which his major was undeclared. He received multiple concussions which made him reconsider playing the sport. So Hayden made the wise decision to put his health before a sport, and he left water polo.

Hayden loves his major now because he loves the versatility of his study. He can become a history teacher, politician, geographer, etc. Hayden has been told that he’d be a good teacher, so he’s considering becoming a history teacher. He also loves the outdoors with a passion, something I can relate to, so he is also considering becoming a park ranger.


Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Sierra Putman

This week I met Sierra Putman. She is a lively girl with a great personality. Within 5 minutes of talking with her, I felt like she had known me for months. We joked about our most embarrassing moments and described our ideal partners. She says her life in general is awkward and clumsy, “everyday is an embarrassing moment for me”. Turns out Sierra is a Pre-Film major just like me! She wants to go into producing or directing which is great. Sierra is a sporty chick, she participated in Track & Field, Swim, and Soccer. Sierra’s ideal man is nice, sarcastic, artsy and has the looks of the “Hemsworth brothers”.DSC_0952

Wk7-Classmate Interview- Valerie Arredondo

This week I met the sweetest chick ever! Her name is Valerie Arredondo and she is a first-year just like me. She was an Art major, but now she is majoring in Chemistry. She is the oldest of three siblings and the only girl. She has a boyfriend named Noah who also goes to CSULB and majors in Kinesiology. She grew up in Long Beach and went to Poly for high school. In high school she was on the swim team, something I can relate to her with. Her swimming events where the 200 Free, 100 free, and 50 fly/breast.

Valerie has very interesting taste in music as well. She listens to nearly everything from soft rock and 80s music, to Spanish rock and artists like Alan Stone and Jack Johnson. But she prefers Classic Rock above all music genres. Her father was a huge influence on her Classic Rock preference, he would play classic rock music for Valerie when she was growing up.

I showed Valerie a picture of me on a high cliff from a hike I went on and she freaked out. She has a great fear of heights. She tells me that this phobia began when she was 10 years old and she climbed a Rock Wall at Newport Beach when she was within reach of the top, she looked down and became paralyzed with fear. Ever since then, tall heights scare her. I told Valerie that I am a pre-film major and she suggested that I watch a movie entitled “A Bronx Tale”; I’ll have to check it out sometime.DSC_0945

Wk 6- Classmate Interview – Roxana Gutierrez

This week I met a very interesting young lady by the name of Roxana. She is a first year psych major at CSULB. She’s lived in Long Beach her whole life. She has a twin brother named Miguel and a younger sister named Elidia. Turns out, Roxana and I went to the same high school, we just didn’t know each other. Roxana loves the show American Horror Story and Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry; I can personally relate because I love the horror genre and it looks like she does as well. I suggested a show to her called “The Following” it’s about a serial killer who recruits murderers and performs homicides in relation to Edgar Allen Poe poems. She seems really interested because it has to do with murders like American Horror Story, and Poe. Roxana even has a tattoo of an excerpt from one of Poe’s poems “I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.” I loved this quote. It makes me think that the truly crazy people in this world, are the average. I admire Roxana’s taste in literature and entertainment.DSC_0942