WK 15- Classmate Interview- Veronica Meza

This week I met Veronica Meza. The person with the highest score in class. Of course I felt a bit intimidated upon meeting her, but once I talked to her she was just another friendly student. Veronica is from Long Beach like me! She attended Poly High in Long Beach also. Her parents are from Mexico, Dad-Nayarit and Mom-Hidalgo. She has an older sister, two older brothers, and two younger brothers. She obviously has a large family which I can relate to, being the middle of 5. I think Veronica is closer to her siblings just because they are closer in age than me and my siblings.

Veronica is a sophomore at CSULB majoring in Psychology. Her hobbies include drawing (mostly nature and people), dancing, and hanging out with friends. She enjoys all genres of music, like myself. She loves watching Netflix and chilling at home. She goes “Food Hunting” which is going out and buying ingredients to make food that she sees on food networks.


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