Wk 14- Artist Interview- Joe O’brien

Joe O’brien is a 5th year senior at Cal State Long Beach. He was born in Oman, a country in the Middle East; that’s just east of Saudi Arabia. He moved to Ojai, CA with his parents and two older brothers when he was seven. Joe went to Santa Barbara City College for three years to study Industrial Design after he was influenced by his older brother who took that major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Joe liked how Industrial Design incorporated engineering, science, and art. After a few semesters, Joe realized he was enjoying the art designing more than the rest. He then transferred to CSULB his fourth year of college and changed his major to Studio Art with an emphasis in graphic design. Joe does print design and branding work for ASI communications at CSULB; he helps create posters around campus, logos for companies, band posters, and tons more. His favorite piece of work is below, it was a logo for a fictional company called “The Biohouse”. Joe is having an upcoming art show on the 20th-23rd of May 2015 at the “Madhouse Gallery” in Downtown Long Beach. It is entitled “kaleidoscopic” and it is going to feature art from several seniors from CSULB who major in graphic design. Come check his work out!

image(9)image(7) image(6)image(8)


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