Wk11- Activity- Plaster Sculpture

My plaster mold activity did not go quite as planned. I went to the beach with a classmate on Sunday morning. She brought her own carton of plaster, I brought mine. We dug 3 holes, one for her hand, and two for my hand and foot. We poured the plaster powder into a bucket and I poured ocean water that equaled to half the amount of the plaster. We began to mix and blend the powder and water with mixing sticks. We got a bit dirty from the mixing, so we turned away for 30 seconds to dry our hands and clean our faces. When we returned to mixing, the plaster mixture seemed to have gotten thicker. So I suggested we mix faster, maybe that would help it return to its softer state. As we mixing more, we were shocked to see the plaster harden right before our eyes in the bucket. The plaster we had been using was rendered useless, so we had to throw all of it away by breaking it out of the bucket.

Luckily, we had another plaster carton. We began our second attempt with a plan to mix until the plaster was viscous, then pour it into the molds before it could harden. We mixed the water and powder again until it was fully even, then we were shocked again to see the plaster was hardening just as it did before! So I suggested we quickly jam the hardening plaster into our molds seeing as that it wouldn’t be able to be poured in. My friend did hers first and jammed the plaster into her hand mold, then I did the same with my mold.

After letting the plaster dry (which was only about 5 minutes), we excavated our creations. Our end results were pretty disappointing, and the molds didn’t quite come out as we expected. My sculpture didn’t resemble a hand in the slightest or anything else for that matter. My experience made me appreciate the sculptures we’ve seen in the galleries so far; it’s a lot harder than it looks! I respect all of the sculptures in the Art Department so much after this Sunday.

DSC_1002   image(3)image(1)image(2)image(4)image(5)DSC_1029DSC_1031DSC_1035DSC_1034  DSC_1037


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