Wk11- Classmate Interview- Heather Hopkins

Today I met Heather Hopkins, she is a lovely young woman with a great personality and even greater ambitions. Heather is a freshman from Orange, California. She attended Orange Lutheran High School before coming to Cal State Long Beach. Heather lived in the Parkside dorms last semester, but due to the several illnesses she contracted, she decided it was best for her to move out. She now lives at home in Orange with family. Heather has a thirty-year-old half-sister who has her own family household, and a sixteen-year-old brother who lives at home.

Heather is majoring in Fashion Merchandising at CSULB. She plans to use her knowledge in fashion as a Segway to other opportunities after achieving her goal of becoming a famous actress. Heather has been acting for about four years now, and she loves it! I mentioned to her that I also did a bit of background acting a few years ago. She is a client from AEF talent agency; and she plans to take next spring semester off in order to devote more of her time to acting. Besides acting, Heather enjoys hanging out with friends, and she is a sister of the Alpha Phi Sorority at CSULB. She is adventurous and enjoys the outdoors more than the outdoors; she goes biking and hiking. Some of her favorite hiking spots are Vernal Falls at Yosemite National Park, and Crystal Cove near Laguna.



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