Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach

This week I met with Hayden Leach. He is a pretty groovy dude. I say “Groovy” because he likes to wear tie-die and psychedelic patterns, which is pretty gnarly. Hayden and I began talking and conversation began flowing very easily. Hayden is a fourth year junior majoring in American Studies. He graduated Corona Del Mar High School, where he played water polo and was on the swim team. His father taught history at CDMHS and his mother is a retired science teacher from Sierra Vista Middle School. His parents are now retired and live in Hawaii.

Originally Hayden came to CSULB to play water polo, which I also played in high school. He was a center defenseman for the school’s team for about two years during which his major was undeclared. He received multiple concussions which made him reconsider playing the sport. So Hayden made the wise decision to put his health before a sport, and he left water polo.

Hayden loves his major now because he loves the versatility of his study. He can become a history teacher, politician, geographer, etc. Hayden has been told that he’d be a good teacher, so he’s considering becoming a history teacher. He also loves the outdoors with a passion, something I can relate to, so he is also considering becoming a park ranger.



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