Wk8- Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood

Distrust: to regard with doubt or suspicion.

Laura is a BFA major dealing with fiber. Laura first started off in Santa Monica College as a Psychology major, then she was encouraged by an art professor to pursue art.

Laura’s exhibit this past week was pretty gnarly. As I walked into the Merlino Gallery, I was greeted by a sign that said “enter with caution”. This of course sparked my interest. So I walk in, not knowing what to expect… and i am surprised to see that the room was lined with several golden strings that originate from the mirror at the center of the wall furthest away from the door. It gives the room a “vortex” feel and makes the mirror outlined with bullet casings the “focal point of the room”. The couch and curtains are seemingly normal, until you take a closer look and see that the cushions are stuffed with guns and the curtains have machine-gun patterns stitched on them. The walls are lined with beautifully crafted posters of the human body, which happen to look very similar to shooting practice targets.

Scattergood says she got the inspiration for this show while she was in Canada and she heard of several mass shootings in both the US and Canada. I personally think this show forces a person to look beyond the obvious and to pay close attention to little details.

2015-03-12 11.45.02 2015-03-12 11.46.26 2015-03-12 11.15.242015-03-12 11.45.24 2015-03-12 11.45.22


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