Wk7- Artist Interview- Clare Samani

I glanced into the printmaking exhibit in the Dutzi Gallery, but not for long until I was informed by a classmate that we had to visit the printmaking workspace classroom. So I followed a group of students into the printmaking workshop and I was amazed. I saw the different machines and equipment used to create the intricate posters in the gallery. A woman added that “Everything in the room was very expensive, so no touching”. Another young lady began to show the students how a simple etching was transformed into a embossed postcard.

DSC_0972DSC_0973DSC_0968DSC_0971   DSC_0962 DSC_0964 DSC_0966  DSC_0969

As I began to return to the Dutzi gallery, I spoke to a woman who I believed to be an artist of some of the print works. She was happy to have me interview her. I found that her name was Clare Samani and she was a transfer student from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. Clare originally majored in painting, but switched into Printmaking BFA a few years ago.

I asked where her inspiration for her artwork came from, she mentioned that her father was a “doodler” but no one else in her family really had an art background. She then asked if I meant inspiration for her artwork’s content, to which I replied “both”. She then specified that she uses the ever-present women’s issues in life to inspire her artwork. She then showed us one of her posters entitles “I know that I know nothing at all”, which depicts a small girl balancing atop a pile of seemingly unstable boulders. She explained that this poster was a lithography poster made from a sketch that she carved into stone for 8 hours, and prints for another 8 hours.DSC_0974

Someone else then asked her what her favorite type of printmaking was. She said that everyone has a different “favorite” but hers is Etching because it allows her sketch and get the exact picture she wants. She says that she plans to open up her own printmaking shop in the future, either for fabric or paper.




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