Wk7-Classmate Interview- Valerie Arredondo

This week I met the sweetest chick ever! Her name is Valerie Arredondo and she is a first-year just like me. She was an Art major, but now she is majoring in Chemistry. She is the oldest of three siblings and the only girl. She has a boyfriend named Noah who also goes to CSULB and majors in Kinesiology. She grew up in Long Beach and went to Poly for high school. In high school she was on the swim team, something I can relate to her with. Her swimming events where the 200 Free, 100 free, and 50 fly/breast.

Valerie has very interesting taste in music as well. She listens to nearly everything from soft rock and 80s music, to Spanish rock and artists like Alan Stone and Jack Johnson. But she prefers Classic Rock above all music genres. Her father was a huge influence on her Classic Rock preference, he would play classic rock music for Valerie when she was growing up.

I showed Valerie a picture of me on a high cliff from a hike I went on and she freaked out. She has a great fear of heights. She tells me that this phobia began when she was 10 years old and she climbed a Rock Wall at Newport Beach when she was within reach of the top, she looked down and became paralyzed with fear. Ever since then, tall heights scare her. I told Valerie that I am a pre-film major and she suggested that I watch a movie entitled “A Bronx Tale”; I’ll have to check it out sometime.DSC_0945


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