Wk7- Activity- Portrait Photography

So for this week’s activity I decided to select a photo taken a few months ago in December of 2014. It was the end of my first semester of college at CSULB; the dreaded time of cramming for finals and stressing over whether or not you’re going to pass all of your classes.

I never used to stress out about finals in high school because I always intuitively did well on the final exams. But now things were serious… suddenly the stress and pressure to pass all of my classes and Ace my final exams overwhelmed me. I began studying, which I had never really done before. I mean genuinely studying and quizzing myself and having a friend practice with me. Turned out, the more and more I tried to retain information, the less and less I remembered. I began to perform several study methods, including flash cards, practice exams, and even listening recordings of the information in my sleep. A few days before the week of final exams I took a practice exam for each of my classes and was disappointed to realize that I had failed every single one.

So there I was, a day before Finals and damn near hopeless for my exams. So I decided to take a long, nice hike to clear my mind. I headed up to Sturtevant Falls with a couple buds and began my trek. As I explored and admired the beautiful nature surrounding me, I realized that I had been so overtaken by my schoolwork, that I was missing out on such a beautiful world. In that moment, I collapsed on the floor in appreciation of the regenerating power of nature and out of exhaustion from my days of mind-bruising studies. That is the picture shown in this post.

I felt like my mind was eased and I was ready to conquer my exams, just as I had done every time before in high school. When I arrived home, I retook my practice exams and passed all of them. Moral of the story: Don’t overwhelm yourself with school, let nature overwhelm you itself.me dead


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