Wk 6- Classmate Interview – Roxana Gutierrez

This week I met a very interesting young lady by the name of Roxana. She is a first year psych major at CSULB. She’s lived in Long Beach her whole life. She has a twin brother named Miguel and a younger sister named Elidia. Turns out, Roxana and I went to the same high school, we just didn’t know each other. Roxana loves the show American Horror Story and Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry; I can personally relate because I love the horror genre and it looks like she does as well. I suggested a show to her called “The Following” it’s about a serial killer who recruits murderers and performs homicides in relation to Edgar Allen Poe poems. She seems really interested because it has to do with murders like American Horror Story, and Poe. Roxana even has a tattoo of an excerpt from one of Poe’s poems “I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.” I loved this quote. It makes me think that the truly crazy people in this world, are the average. I admire Roxana’s taste in literature and entertainment.DSC_0942


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