Wk5 – Activity – KickStarter


Topic 1: film and video

Good video https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/358257860/hallucinaut-an-epic-film-of-microscopic-magnitude?ref=category The title of this project is very captivating. “Hallucinaut: An epic film of microscopic magnitude” is hooks me in right away. At first video, a man speaks very highly of the director of the film they are raising funds for; he lists many movies that he has worked on as an art director. The man makes you like the director before you even meet him. The director then speaks and talks about the background of his film, in an excited tone, and describes what he needs funds for. I genuinely want to see the movie that he is making and it would be great if I could contribute to help make it. Oh and I love the punny call to action at the end

Bad video https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lonelygiant/here-we-are?ref=category So the video starts off with bad camera work. The cameraman stands directly in front of a reflective glass door while filming two speakers. This immediately turned me off and made me think of how inexperienced these filmmakers are. I wouldn’t fund this project because if they showed negligence while editing the Kickstarter video, I could only imagine how badly edited the movie would be. The sound was also very bad, you can hear so many unnecessary background noises and voices. The director sounds and looks very uninterested and slightly tired of talking in front of the camera. There was also a distracting sign language translator who was unnecessary because there were subtitles during the whole video, and also a distracting dog. I would not fund this project; they seem unprofessional.

Topic 2: Photography

Good https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paulhassell/alive-photo-journey-into-the-wild-with-pro-photogr?ref=category_popular I chose this project because nature and the wild really interests me. The speaker sounds really excited and pumped for his project and genuinely makes me feel excited about his ideas. He sounds very experienced in his photography career, and has the evidence to back it. His project and idea is a very interesting idea that could help amateur photographers learn professional skills to capture better nature photos. I would fund this project, and try out his idea.

Bad https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/751019050/hamilton-a-different-perspective?ref=category video provided absolutely no information on the idea or project they want funding for. If it weren’t for the very brief information section, I would mistake this “video” for a cheesy slideshow of some sub-par pictures. The video didn’t even have aesthetic music to accompany the unpleasing pictures. Very disappointing Kickstarter.


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