Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

So this week I got the chance to meet with Dianna Franco and discuss her artwork. She was a bit mysterious about where she grew up and what high school she went to, but she narrowed it down to the “South Bay Area”. She began seriously painting about 5 years ago when she started school at CSULB.

Her art is focused on the relationships between nature and civilizations in psychology and science. I asked her what specific aspects of nature inspire her. She answered that the cosmic view of space and the micro sights of molecules and cells inspire her. I then asked what parts of civilization, to which she answered “Cities, stereos and satellites”.

Franco uses saturated and neutral colors to explore the inner and outer areas of her pieces. She primarily uses oil and acrylic paint, but lately she has been using spray paint. She is conflicted as to whether or not to continue using spray paint, because she feels that spray paint won’t last as long as oil or acrylic, and she wants her art to last.

When I viewed her art, I was astonished at the size and the incredible use of color and her use of hard edges. She didn’t name her pieces so that observers wouldn’t be influenced to see a certain thing; Franco wants to hear what people see in her art. She asked me personally what I saw in her pieces, I saw several things. I told her that I saw the molecular and cellular influence in a few pieces, but she was silent when I said this. She never told me what exactly what she was trying to portray in any of her pieces; but I think I cracked the code. Many of her pieces look as if you were gazing up from the street of a city, the buildings surround a cosmic and sky-like center.2015-02-19 12.12.10 2015-02-19 12.12.02 2015-02-19 12.11.48 2015-02-19 12.11.36 2015-02-19 12.11.26 2015-02-19 12.11.16


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