Wk 4 – Activity – Performance Art

My Performance Art Activity began with a dilemma that has plagued teens for decades… What am I going to watch on TV on a Friday night? I am a man of many tastes… therefore picking something to watch is a very long process for me. I love action, but you can never go wrong with comedy… and superhero flicks are an all-time favorite… but I can’t miss the baseball game… and I promised I’d watch Cops with my dad… and I gotta watch the news to keep updated. Decisions…. Decisions… Okay I’ll watch a Superhero movie with action and adventure, followed by a quick kids comedy with the lil bro and sis, then the baseball game, catch an episode of COPS with dad, catch the 10pm news and finish off with a feel good movie. Friday Night well spent indoors. 2015-02-15 19.18.49

Saturday morning, woke up about 5:30 AM off to San Bernadino Mountains for a hike. Don’t usually wake up this early for hikes, but this trek will take all day… so the earlier, the better. I meet with a few of my buddies and we’re off. Up into the mountains freezing our butts off because we packed for a hot day. Little did we know that it had only just snowed on the mountain days earlier and there were still several traces of ice alongside the mountain. 2 hours up the trail and we stop for lunch at Saddle Back, I munch on cliff bars, granola, and water of course. We see a spectacular view that could only be seen after a grueling 2 hour hike…2015-02-14 13.02.54

Another hour and we stroll by an old abandoned cave that was once a mine. I’m not one to put myself into cramped spaces and into creepy situations, but I had to see inside for myself. My friends were scared to go first, so I went in to reassure them. I literally had to squeeze down a hole half of my body’s diameter to get in. My immediate concern was Bears… It was hibernating season, and I was in no position to anger Smokey or Yogi. I eventually was able to stand in the cave, that’s when I flashed my light… The beauty of the cave was indescribable… and no amount of pictures could amount to the actual beauty of standing in the cave in person. At first I thought the cave went down about 15 feet, but as I returned to the mouth of the cave I saw a hole in the side of the cave that was hidden. I squeezed myself through that hole and I was shocked at what I saw. It was an entire network of caves going in every direction, even upward! I followed the furthest cave to the end which was blocked with mining equipment that looked as if it collapsed. My friends were close behind, so they snapped a few pics.

DSC_0615DSC_0625DSC_0626DSC_0619 DSC_0632DSC_0628 DSC_0634DSC_0633DSC_0635 DSC_0636 DSC_0638

Another 2 hours up the mountain and we hit a huge problem… ICE… and lots of it. Several hikers descended as we were reaching our final destination, they warned us that the trail gets extremely dangerous because of the ice. Many experienced hikers even turned back from the trail after reaching the ice. But I was determined to reach the peak, so we fought on.  I was so close to quitting throughout the icy trails, My hiking shoes were not gripping the ice whatsoever and i almost slipped off the side of the mountain more than 50 times. At one point we had to tie ourselves together with rope, just in case one of us fell and couldn’t get up. I even slipped on my ass a few times, but me and my friends encouraged one another to keep on going to reach the peak. DSC_0583 DSC_0584 DSC_0608

An hour passed, but it felt like 10 hours going up the Icy mountain of death. After several close calls and doubt that we would ever reach the peak… We Made It. CUCAMONGA PEAK DSC_0831 DSC_0706 DSC_0715 DSC_0717 DSC_0766 DSC_0768 DSC_0795 DSC_0796 DSC_0799 DSC_0803 DSC_0804 DSC_0806 DSC_0810 DSC_0811 DSC_0827 DSC_0830

Without a doubt, the longest, most tiring, and dangerous hike I have ever been on; but the view made it all worth it. I definitely pushed my comfort level this weekend, I risked my life, and I acted as if I was the star of my own show.  I guess the name of my show would be “The Adventures of Victor”.


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