Wk3-Artist Interview- Elaine Kwak

Yireh Elaine Kwak spoke about her art exhibit in the East Gatov gallery on Thursday the 5th of February. It was entitled “Harmony and Discordance” and it included mostly her paintings and a few of her good friend’s art. Most of Elaine’s portraits were of vibrant pastures and scenic views of hills and trees. Whereas her friend’s paintings were of urban decaying views of the city. Elaine represents the “Harmony” and her friend represents the “discordance”2015-02-05 14.14.13DSC_0410

Elaine is inspired by her home of Fullerton and its many picturesque landscapes. That is where the inspiration for most of her paintings in the gallery arrived from. Elaine described her process: she picks a spot in her backyard and paints what she sees, then she takes the painting indoors and paints the rest from memory. I thought this was very cool because she did not need a subject in front of her to paint. I personally love Elaine’s work because I enjoy views of green landscapes and pastures, so I can appreciate the nature of her art… Pun intended. I also liked how she painted based on memory and what she saw.

I spoke to Elaine one-on-one and asked her to tell me her background in art and to start from the “very beginning”. Although she had only recently began taking her art more seriously in the past five or six years, she was fascinated with art since childhood and has always been praised for being creative. Elaine is attending CSULB and is receiving her BFA in Drawing and Painting. Elaine explained that at times she gets so frustrated with the little progress that her art is making that she will transfer that stressful energy into entirely separate art pieces as seen in this piece entitled “pasture”. DSC_04042015-02-05 12.03.15

I also just realized that two art pieces that I really liked last week at the Werby gallery were painted by Elaine; although i didnt know the artist at the time. Here are the pieces…. 2015-01-29 14.24.36


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