Wk3- Activity- Instagram

I am an Insta-aficionado to say the least… I try to post at least one picture a day, whether it is a photo of a great memory from days past, or a candid snap of my daily activity. I love the idea of a social network that is connecting people primarily through square photos. So when I heard we were going to be using Instagram as an art activity, I was thrilled. At first I was going to post a morning selfie, but then I looked in the mirror and quickly changed my mind haha. I started by taking pictures at the art galleries which 80% of my classmates also did.2015-02-05 12.03.15 Then I went to lunch with some buddies from my old high school which we do every thursday at Glory Days Sports Bar. 2015-02-05 14.19.31

Time passed and I got out of my evening class to meet one of my best friends at her dorm where we were to decide what our escapade was for the evening. After much deliberation and arguing over who was to drive, we decided to explore 2nd Street and grab a snack and chill at the beach. I stopped by Starbucks for a drink and we were on our way. My friend June suggested we eat at a nearby ice-cream parlor, I agreed and we were there before we knew it. The place was called Paradis and it was quite pricey, but worth every penny. The next post was a pic of my coffee and ice cream.2015-02-05 18.52.57

As we continued exploring, we stumble upon the very cool antique shop that had a steampunk vibe. I felt like I was in another world when I entered the store… I was greeted by a young woman who was serving chocolate desserts and watering a plant hanging in a glass jar from the ceiling. All around me were influences from every era of the United States: a 1920’s typewriter turned lamp, a Victorian era cabinet filled with ink and quill sets, and of course there were many products and books from this decade such as top 50 Zombie movies. My next photo was a tiny section of the massive antique shop of a few vintage nautical items.2015-02-05 20.05.56 I wish I could’ve taken more pics, but the owner insisted on not photographing his establishment. We then went to the beach, but it was too cold and too dark to stay so we headed back to the car. After a few hours on 2nd street, me and my friend went back to CSULB and chilled at the Student Union in one of its lounges. I began to play the piano (quite horrendously I might add), and my friend snapped a pic of me. 2015-02-05 21.12.00 After the union closed, it was time for me to head back home and call it a night.

When I searched the hashtag #Art110S15, I noticed that most of my classmates posted pictures of the art galleries, what they ate for the day, and themselves with their friends. Although many students had their own personal touches to their photos, the majority posted selfies and food pics. I guess that’s what people think interests other people these days…. Food, Narcissism, and showing how many friends they have. That’s just my opinion though. My Instagram posts are in the sidebar.


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