WK3-Classmate Interview- J Perez

So I arrived a bit early at the galleries to meet my good friend from high school, but she was arriving late. So as I wait, a fellow classmate compliments my watch as he passes by on his Razor scooter. He strikes conversation with me and says his name is J Perez. I write his name down in my notebook as “Jay”, but he quickly corrects me and says it’s just “J”. I had never known or heard of anyone with just one letter for a name, I thought this was very interesting.

He begins to tell me a bit about his background. J is a junior at CSULB and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. When he told me this, I immediately connected because I also majored in Computer Engineering my first semester. I told him that I have respect towards him because my short time in the major was quite difficult; to which he replied “Yeah It’s difficult, but all it takes is discipline and an interest in what you’re learning”. J is also in some orgs at school like: SHIP, EAT, HSI-STEM.

He grew up in Long Beach and attended Wilson Classical High School, which is where he met Valerie. He and Valerie began dating in high school, and continued through college (CSULB) until the end of 2014; that is when J popped the question. Valerie said “Yes!’’ and the two young lovebirds eloped at a city courthouse. J and Valerie live with J’s parents and are saving to get their own place soon. Valerie is also enrolled in ART 110, I hope to meet her and interview her next week.



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