Wk2(1/24)- Activity- Spray Paint

2015-01-24 16.43.10

This week’s activity was to spray paint my name in bubble lettering. I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated at first because I had never used a spray paint can before in my life, but I was eager to try something new. I began by testing my paints on a piece of cardboard… first a basic lettering of my name.  I tinkered with the can a bit just to get a feel of the way it dispersed the paint. Once I was comfortable with the can, I used a black spray to outline my name in bubble lettering and filled it with a chrome paint. 2015-01-24 16.39.512015-01-24 16.38.422015-01-24 16.49.372015-01-24 16.59.43

I was pleased with the results, but not satisfied with the cardboard background of my artwork. I decided to use a glass canvas for my next attempt. There was little room for error, so I outlined what I was going to paint next with a sharpie.2015-01-24 17.12.37 2015-01-24 17.16.08 2015-01-24 17.16.17 2015-01-24 17.20.00

I found that starting my name with the chrome paint and outlining it with black paint would be easier than vice versa. After I was done I bordered my glass canvas with electrical tape for safety. 2015-01-24 17.41.56

This activity really showed me that spray painting is more difficult than it seems. I give more respect to spray paint artists now because they aretruly talented and skilled. I also don’t view graffiti as just vandalism now, but rather works of art that should be as appreciated as paintings or photographs.

2015-01-24 17.55.49


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